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What are books? A long useless object that only seems to bore your brain to goop? A modern torture device? NO. Do you hate books? Well then. You need to give them a try because you just completely ruined your life. What if I said that video games are boring and that they turn your brains to goop (Which they probably can do)? If you are new to books, then I have a few suggestions, here you go.


  1. Stuart Gibbs
  2. John Grisham
  3. J.K. Rowling


It’s just three but it is enough for you to get into reading for yourself and find books you like and/or authors that you like.  

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A little story

Let me tell you a little story. When I was 4 or 5 I got a skateboard for Christmas. It had a blue grip on the top and stretchy bands on each side for balance. I used it for a month and stopped. Why? I don’t know. A couple weeks ago my sister tried it out again after a long time of not using it and we were not good. It took us right around 1 or 2 weeks to get used to it and I’m still rusty. Actually, I fell on a walk with my dog no have a nasty bruise. And if there any tips I would enjoy hearing them.

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This is the second book review I have had on this blog and I hope it is better than the last. hope you enjoy it.

      City spies by James Ponti is an interesting and thrilling book. Sara who is an orphan just recently hacked the juvenile detention hall goes to court to find her lawyer is a spy wanting to recruit. The group is tasked to protect a man from an organization called the purple thumb. The head of the group who is named Mother and is actually a guy is supposed to be dead. I enjoyed how the spy group was in a rush to find a hacker to replace someone who got kicked off the team. This choice was all of a sudden which was typically not good for a spy team to have somebody new join them right before a mission. Since Sara was new she did not know the people as well as she should have and though it was a rough start she ended up saving the whole mission from failing. 

    This is a funny book and surprising. For example, when the spy team thought a server room was in the building they were in they found out that it was a cooling system and that the server room is in a whole separate complex in a totally different building and they have to recreate their entire plan.

     I think people who like funny and nerve-racking books would enjoy this because there are definitely parts of the book where you have no clue what’s going to happen. There is a funny aspect to this book that makes this book a good combo to me. There are definitely other aspects to this book that you may enjoy but these are the two that stand out the most to me. This book reminds me of Spy school by Stuart Gibbs.


Hope you enjoyed it. if so then you can hear me or something like that, and there will probably be more book reviews!


p.s. follow me, please.

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A Long Walk To Water

     In A long walk to water, there is a war going on that is about a government that wants to make people perform the Islamic religion Instead of their own. It also could be that someone just really wants some country to become a Christian country for example.

My reaction to this war in the book was: Why are there so many wars about religion? Why some dude wants to make some 2 million people perform his religion. I personally find it kind of stupid that someone would want to force religion.  Why not just be your own religion and let the rest of the country perform their own religion. In my opinion, it makes a country makes it a lot more interesting.


Book review

I jad to do a book review for school so,I chose The icakbog by J.K Rowling.

The ickabog written, by J.K Rowling, is a story in which Daisy, Bert, Rodrick, and Martha go on a journey to find the Ickabog and prove to a greedy man that there is no Ickabog or that the Ickabog is a nice creature. Three of the friends had their parents killed by a king who wanted to look fancy and a man named Lord Spittleworth who wanted to hide the truth from the king. Everyone but Martha lives in “The city within a city”. The city within a city is the closest city to the castle and where all the servants live and the cook and everyone else. Daisy and Martha meet in an orphanage and the other just became friends after a rude remark one of the characters named Daisy makes about the king. The four friends, Bert, Daisy, Roderick, and Martha go on a journey from the orphanage to the marshlands where the Ickabog is said to live. All the friends would have died if Martha hadn’t known the marshlands like the back of her hand. Also, they would have died if the ickabog had not saved them.

Every couple of chapters there were drawings that were created by kids of all ages and at the end, there is a glossary of all of the drawings. In the back of the book, I felt like taking the time and looking at the drawings because it felt like there were a lot more drawings in the back of the book than during the story. This book takes place in a country called Cornucopia which is ruled by King Fred the Fearless who isn’t fearless, who was also totally in the dark about this whole scheme and ended up going to jail for it. Also, I really enjoy that the book takes place over many years so they went from 8 to 15.

People who enjoy this book may enjoy other adventure books by this author such as Harry Potter or Fantastic beasts. Also, readers might enjoy books about mythical creatures such as Griffins. Another book that you might enjoy is the Spy school series which ties into adventure because the characters travel all over the world to solve crimes.

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